Crystal Calanca LMT

Simple, effective massage. Every time.

Services and Rates

Mentoring and Professional Development - One hour $80

Mentoring and Professionl Develoment - Two hours $160


$75   One Hour Massage

$100 Hour and a Half Massage



Will My Insurance Cover Massage Or Bodywork Services?
If you are in a car or bike accident or have a job-related injury covered by workers’ compensation, insurance may cover massage, bodywork, or somatic therapies. If you have been in an accident in the last year and are finding the process confusing feel free to contact us, we can be of help.

If you have a flexible spending account as part of your health insurance, it is possible that you can use massage therapy benefits with this program. We can provide you with the invoices and forms to help you with this. Check with your insurance provider to see if you have this coverage. 


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