Crystal Calanca LMT

Simple, effective massage. Every time.


This is a unique opportunities to have direct and focused support for your professional development, from a trained educator with over 10 years massage experience, and 20 years of business experience. 


Topics match your needs, we will tailor the time to any area you would like consultation and improvement on. Popular areas of focus include:

  • Body Mechanics observation and correction in a supportive environment. A few simple corrections now can mean a long and healthy career. 
  • Bodywork development sessions, where we work on a demo 'client' to address areas of the body that you want to increase your confidence and understanding of working with. 
  • Business advice including focus on the emotional work that may be holding us back from our best growth.
  • Addressing burnout factors. Are you feeling stuck, unmotivated? We can do some simple and powerful work to identify what is causing this feeling and help you move to a place of joy and excitement about your work again. 


These sessions can be one on one or shared between up to two LMT's, at my office, your office or phone/skype.

If you would like to arrange a larger study group, contact me for details.